The Rice Race

This Iran is stronger stuff is making me sick. The reason that Iran is spending all their resources rattling their sword is that if a major democracy springs up in Iraq, they loose. The Persian people, already bent low by an oppressive regime, will not stay bowed when they see their neighbor prosper under the gift America gave them, democracy. Iran is in panic.

I said all that to say this. Which Rice do you trust? Condoleezza Rice or Susan Rice.
Who’s Susan Rice? you ask. Raised in Washington DC daughter of a bureaucrat, played sports in school, Studied history in collage, got her masters and doctorate in philosophy, and achieved the high office of Assistant Secretary of State in charge of African Affairs in the Clinton administration. (Democrats have a glass ceiling for minority staffers) She is currently on leave from the Brookings institute to serve as foreign affairs advisor to the Obama campaign. (She held the same position for Dukakis and Kerry, third times a charm) Susan rice is busy telling everyone who will listen, that the Bush foreign policy is abysmal and that McCain is just like him, this unbiased opinion is being broadcast via satellite around the globe. Armadinajad is delighted, which is the kind of diplomacy Obama endorses.

Then you have Condee. She's got ten years experience over Susan. During Daddy Bush’s administration she served as the Soviet and Eastern European Affairs Advisor during the Soviet dissolution and German reunification. Taking leave from her post as Political Science professor at Stanford to become the Secretary of State, (Second African American, second woman and first African American woman to hold the office) she was National Security Advisor. She pioneered transformational diplomacy, with a focus on establishing democracies in the Middle East. (If being a foreign affairs advisor to a failed presidential run is a credential, Condoleezza held that position for Gary Hart in ‘84) She was a Democrat, but jumped ship because of the Carter administration’s foreign policy. (She was an intern at the time with the State Department)

As for her beginnings, she was raised in segregated Birmingham AL. Her father was a Presbyterian minister who worked at the High School as a guidance counselor. Her mom taught music, science and oratory at the same school. Condoleezza began her studies in French, ballet and the piano at age three. Her parents felt that the civil rights movement was full of uneducated leaders that reinforced the attitudes of those who would keep them down. They believed that working twice as hard to overcome the limitations built into the system was the path to victory. Her educational accolades are too numerous for this humble blog, and her business and political achievements dwarf her scholastic accomplishments. If you want my vote, Condoleezza blows Susan's doors off in the Rice race.

So if you hear Susan Rice posing as a pundit, or witness Barack on the stump berating Bush’s foreign policy, consider the source. Susan Rice is a minors player hoping to get the call to the big league, Condoleezza is an All Star who regularly hits it out of the park.

Sheriff Bart

I went to a meet-n-greet last night. Boatloads of shrimp cocktail and other finger food. It was to introduce Sheriff Bart to Bellingham. They had a great fruit tray and several types of sandwiches. Dexter was there, and they had those little pickled asparagus spears wrapped in ham and cream cheese. Geri Hawn was there as well. The shrimp cocktail was really good.

Okay, I’m kiding......maybe. Sheriff Bart is running for the second congressional seat in Washington State against Rick Larsen. He was the Sheriff of Snohomish County when Larsen was on the County Counsel, so he knows his opponent well. The fact that Larsen claims to be a moderate but votes like an ultraliberal is no surprise to Sheriff Bart. Now the Snohomish County Sheriff that has been retired by term limits has his hat in the Congressional ring. His main point is that people have good reason not to trust congress. They spend like drunken sailors, (having been one of those, I know of what he speaks), they do nothing to solve real problems while arguing for hours over things like steroids in Major League Baseball. Sheriff Bart shows some real promise and plans to visit Whatcom County often in the coming months.

So how important is it that we support Sheriff Bart? His opponent has bottomless pockets. Those special interests that he has blessed with substantial tax payer dollars through earmarks, (which he brags about), want to keep him in position to give them more. His opponent worships at Speaker Pelosi’s feet, he's one of the most liberal congressmen in Washington. The second congressional district is not liberal and is not represented by Rick Larsen. That’s why I wrote a check to help get Sheriff Bart started. I don’t have a lot of money, compared to my normal situation I’m broke, but something needs to be done and no one who cares should sit on the sidelines.

I mentioned before, Geri Hawn was there also. Who’s Geri Hawn you ask. He’s running against the truly moderate State Representative from the 42nd district, Kelli Linville. The problem with Representative Linville is that she has little effect, and insures the liberal majority. Geri Hawn is a real sharp guy, he teaches at Western ( he has an MBA), drills with the Navy Reserve and is a renowned management consultant. He offers some true business savvy to Olympia, and will work well with our next Governor, who I will not mention by name but, his initials are Dino. Geri is having a golf tournament up at Homestead in Lynden May 30th.

Finally I talked to Dexter about all things bloggy, who we read, what we want to accomplish and why we care. It was a lovely evening, I highly recommend you attend such things if you get the chance.


Hypocrite: I don’t know much about the relationship between Barack Obama and his wife Michelle (not knowing much about Obama is the real issue). But my guess is, that if Barack told Michelle to submit to Shariah law, she’d b’slap him into the afterlife. Meanwhile Obama fully supports his cousin Raila Odinga who has pledged to Sheik Abdullah Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya, that within days of winning the presidential election in Kenya he will impose Shariah law on large regions of the country.

Does Obama support the imposition of Shariah law over large regions of a country? (not knowing much about Obama is the real issue).

The above referenced agreement doesn’t grant freedom of religion to Muslims in Kenya, it declares geographical regions of Kenya as Muslim territory and imposes Shariah law on every man woman and child in those regions. Would Barack turn some districts in Detroit over to the Muslims to run as they pleased. Could they declare sanctuary Muslim areas where suspected terrorists would be protected. Would they demand Shariah Courts for the hearing of all cases involving Muslims in or out or these Muslim regions. (not knowing much about Obama is the real issue).

Obama promises change. The government Raila Odinga offered Kenya was really different, and was rejected by the voters. Of course they declared the election rigged and rioted. Obama went to Kenya to help his cousin campaign, he spoke of the corruption of the government and the need for change. He didn’t mention that the change he offered was Shariah law. (not knowing much about Obama is the real issue).

Will Obama bring about the kind of changes that his supporters imagine? Or will we see a lot of women unwillingly wearing burkas?

Race Club

I admit that I know very little about Nascar. Do they have trading cards? If they do, do you call them race cards? How many race cards do you have to collect to have a riot?

Hillary is right, Obama is the weak candidate in the general election. I am still convinced that she should be the Democrat’s nominee, but I now see that aspect of the liberal culture that I overlooked heretofore. The Race Club. If the blacks don’t get their way they’ll riot. We’ve seen it before, mostly applied to juries. Right now Al Sharpton is waving the Race Club at the New York courts, recently he ran down to Jena to swing it. Now the Race Club is poised above the heads of the super delegates, if Barack is not the candidate, all he-double-hockysticks will break loose.

So, does it matter that when the general election comes around, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be praying for a McCain victory? No, we’ve heard their song before, "the man" has got to keep his "N-word" in his place.

If Obama were to become president the Race Club wavers would be out of work. But, if the Black candidate showed every sign of winning the prize, only to have it snatched away by "Whitey", then the club will swing on for another generation.

Hillary, it’s not your fault. You’re running a great race, but your up against the intimidators of the left. If you "steal" the nomination the race biaters could cry foul, but your a girl. They need an old white guy to cheat the poor black man out of the White House to really get their constituency fired up.

Obama is hand picked to be the fall guy. In 2002, didn't he go to Kenya to help out his cousin in a loosing attempt to displace the elected government? Who better to bring that kind of chaos to our shores.

The "Black Panthers" are standing by. Power to the people man.

A Few Questions I Have

The world of lobbyists and special interest revolve around access. Hollywood types feather their caps with it, business movers and shakers posture for it, those with political aspirations require it. Remember the Clinton years when access was for sale. Now I ask, Who will have access in the Obama White house? The McCain White house? The Clinton II White house?

McCain has been in Washington so long that his access list is well known. Hillary will most likely run the White house the way she did the last time she lived there. I think Obama is the scariest candidate in this respect. The people who held his hand and helped him break into politics will expect access. Maybe it’s promised, at the very least it’s owed.

Many pundits are posing the question, who would McCain most like to run against? Current polls show Hillary ahead. I don’t care who McCain hopes will win the Democrats nomination. I want Hillary to win. I’m starting to realize that Obama is dangerous after all, but mostly I want the new voters that registered for Obama to learn to stay home. They stayed home before, It shouldn’t be hard for them to feel like their vote doesn’t count anyway so why bother.
Better that Democrats don’t vote than any scenario I can think of.

Being entirely scatter brained I’ll jump without hesitation to a different subject. I listened to Pastor Wright’s Press Club Speech, He talked about the unique African American Culture. I wondered, what is White American Culture? Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, John Wayne, or what? I thought about public education and its inequity, than I thought about the old adage, "you can lead a horse to water....." But what if you tried the opposite? Say you decided that you weren’t going to let a horse have any water. You better build some strong fences. Pastor Wright accuses White culture of trying to keep inter city kids from an education. I think the adage and its reverse apply. A kid that wants to learn will, a kid whose culture tells him it’s not cool to learn won’t. Black culture is not just different, it’s self destructive.

Am I Allowed To Talk About This?

I’ve heard a lot today about the need for dialogue on the subject of racism. Most of those speaking seemed to feel that a dialogue should bee them telling everyone else what the facts are. I’ve wondered about this stuff for a long time, and I hope I paid attention because this is what I’ve come away with.

1. Only the recipient of the offense is qualified to identify the situation as offensive.
e.g. Vogue’s recent cover.
2. Caucasian people are not a race and thus can not be the victims of racism.
e.g. Duke lacrosse.
3. Sound bites from the presidents speeches are sufficient to identify his positions. But, we must hear the entire sermon and maybe a whole series of sermons to under stand the Black Church.

Let me stop hear a minute. One of these sound bites, as I understood it, claims that AIDS is a genocide plot of the United States Government. (I didn’t know Jimmy Carter was into that sort of thing.) Still I don’t see how further context could change my opinion. That’s pure paranoia.

I remember when Rodney King happened that I believed that the cops acted more out of fear than out of racism. I had personal experiences on which to base this opinion, but when I shared them with any black person I ran into I was told I couldn’t know what it was to be black. Correct, any more than they could understand what it’s like to be a scared white cop. Cops of all colors generally like to be in control of things. When the means that they employ to get control don’t work, they get a little uncomfortable. When the person they are trying to control continues to attack, adrenaline takes over. I’m not saying that it went down that way, only suggesting an alternative to the race card.

What the race baiters in this country have to figure out is that there are more sides to the story than theirs.

4. I have never met a black person that I didn’t like. (Check that, when a group of three black guys knocked me down and kicked me in Thailand for no other reason than that they could, I didn’t have much love for them. But, aside from those guys I like most black people.)

5. I used to think that there was such a thing as racism in the black community, over the last week I’ve been informed I’m wrong. (So I won’t tell you that I think Obama is a racist.)

6. The only bright spot in this weeks discussion was on a financial talk show on Saturday morning. A successful black investor said something to the effect that when a young black person breaks into the business world he had better get the chip off his shoulder before it gets in his way. (I have always felt sorry for those black people who let their culture force them to fail)

7. Finally, "He’s not really black." what’s up with that. Can I say some white guy that doesn’t behave exactly according to stereotype (typical white woman) isn’t really white.

Making It Up As She Goes Along

I’ve just spent a couple of hours trying to find a clip that I saw twice last night. That’s why I say I don’t have time to blog, real blogging should be backed up by research. Please, don't confuse me for a real blogger. I’ll just say what I think and let y’all tell me I’m wrong.

So, last night I saw a clip in which Hillary was answering a question about pressure for her to drop out. She responded. "22% think I should step down, 22% think Barack should and 62% think we should just keep going at it."

This struck me and stuck in my head because it highlights one important point.

6% of those questioned voted twice. (must be Democrats)
Washington D.C. math can always squeeze out a few extra percentage point to support their position. (must be Democrats)
Hillary just makes things up as she goes. (must be a Democrat)